Thursday, February 11, 2010

SB Humane Pres. Admits Mass Killing of Animals

The Press Enterprise broke the story on February 7, 2010, that the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley [HSSBV] is truckloading in and killing thousands of animals afterhours when the business is closed. Long-time president, Sue Dawson, admitted the after hours killing occurred and stated as many as 800 animals a month were put down by HSSBV. She defended the killings as "necessary to keep strays off the street".

Numerous witnesses have come forward expressing their concern and horror about the humane society's practices which, until now, were kept hidden from the public and its donors. Several former employees, including two executive directors and a veteranarian, claim they were fired directly as a result of complaining about the mass afterhour killings which they say included healthy kittens and puppies.

This Blog is being set up as an information clearinghouse to establish the truth behind the killings and to answer questions such as these:
-Where did the thousands of animals killed come from?
-Why were animals trucked to HSSBV when they aren't a shelter, they don't house animals and they are not connected with the City's animal control?
-Are owner's pets being killed?
-Did Humane Society employees set up animal traps throughout the City and why?
-Were killed animals obtained by answering 'free to good home' ads under false pretenses?
-Are fake "rescuers" taking animals from owners and shelters and then killing them?
-Which 501c3 local rescues are secretly truckloading in animals to be killed?
-Are trapped animals supposed to be held for a required period of time to find their owners?
-Were animals taken from owners under the false promise they would be rehomed?
-Is a vet supposed to be present when controlled drugs are used to kill animals?
-What are witnesses saying about the deaths and the people involved?
-Is it true that the Humane Society sought out animals to kill and why?
-How do you find out if an animal you brought to the Humane Society to be rehomed was killed?
-What is the philosophy of these killers and why are they killing adoptable animals?
-How do you know if your 'lost' animal was in fact lured into a Humane Society baited trap?
-If this is all true, can you get your donation to HSSBV refunded?
-Can you seek damages if your pet was killed by HSSBV without your knowledge or permission?
-What can be done to stop all the killing?

Have information you want to report about HSSBV?
Please contact us if:
1) You gave the Humane Society or their 'humane educator', Lynn Hildebrand, your pet to be rehomed;
2) You have inside information about the killings or any other misconduct by HSSBV or any of its employess;
3) You suspect your animal was stolen by HSSBV;
4) Someone answered your ad to rehome your pet that may be connected with the Society;
5) You want to know if your animal was really adopted or was killed.

Be a witness!
There is power in numbers and if you want to make a complaint about the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley to the proper authorities, we will also provide them with additional information which will give your complaint more weight. If you have suffered damages as a result of these killings, contact us regarding a possible class-action lawsuit.

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