Monday, February 15, 2010

New Witness! Animals Suffered Agonizing Deaths!

A reliable source submitted a statement February 15, 2010, under penalty of perjury, stating that HSSBV's 'humane educator' Lynn Hildebrand killed thousands of animals in their presence over a period of years and that many of the animals died a long agonizing death, screaming in pain, because of the way they were killed. Hildebrand even allowed others that she brought in afterhours to kill with her.

The testimony is rivoting, heartbreaking and shocking and will be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

The witness swore that Hildebrand repeatedly represented to owners and others that she would find good homes for their animals but she killed them instead. Further, it was stated that Hildebrand worked hard at building herself up as someone who could find homes for animals. Her sources included placing ads and answering 'free to good home' ads, teachers, students, vet offices, local and national organizations, shelters, animal control agencies, rescues and more.

Please help stop the mass killings at HSSBV that Sue Dawson, head of HSSBV, has admitted to and that witnesses say has occurred over two decades.

If you know anything about these killings and misrepresentations made to owners, or you gave an animal to Hildbrand or HSSBV or you know someone who worked or volunteered there email us! Every single witness will be necessary to end the practices of this well-funded institution! They are already formulating their excuses and attacks on the whistleblowers. Help save animals who have no voice!