Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lynn Hildebrand Named as Primary Killer

Every witness that has come forward to speak about the afterhours killing of animals at the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley has named Lynn Hildebrand as the primary person arranging for and committing the killings with her own hands.

A former co-worker insisted she personally saw Hildebrand kill thousands of healthy adoptable puppies, kittens, cats and dogs over a period of years. Several others said they witnessed Hildebrand late at night or on weekends unpacking her truck with cages and traps filled with moaning, crying and terrified animals, where she brought them into the 'kill room' and in short speed carried out the same containers, now empty, which she reloaded into her truck. The huge freezer, which can be seen at the back of the building, was often packed full of dead bodies until D&D Rendering came to pick them up.

Others have seen Hildedbrand's feeding stations throughout the County where she sets traps for animals. A shelter worker told how Hildebrand bragged that she answers 'free to good home' ads pretending to be an adopter but she kills the animals because, in her own words, "if I don't deal with them now, I will deal with their offspring later".

Hildebrand, 62, is not a vet nor a vet tech nor an animal control officer. Infact, her job description doesn't have anything to do with medically treating animals. Rather, Hildebrand's job title at HSSBV for the last nearly 20 years has been "humane educator" where she teaches young children in public school classrooms about the humane treatment of animals. She also runs their program called Critter Camp. Hildebrand is a resident of Corona, California.

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